It's been mostly quiet on the Danzig front of late. The singer made headlines earlier this year for confronting a photographer at Bonnaroo, but for the most part he's kept to himself over the last few months.

However, proof that singer Glenn Danzig is alive and well and recording came from an unexpected source over the weekend, as the Runaways' Cherie Currie posted a photo from the studio where she just finished recording a part of Danzig's upcoming album.

Currie stated, "Glenn Danzig and I at the studio recording a duet for his new album out this fall. GREAT GUY!" It is not known where Currie's contribution will turn up, though earlier this year Danzig was said to be working on a covers album.

Back in early May, the hard-rock singer hinted at a new collection titled 'Devil's Angels,' in which he planned to cover songs by such wide-ranging artists as Elvis Presley and Black Sabbath. "[I'm] just having a good time taking songs and giving them a different life or a different dimension," said Danzig at the time. "I just do what I feel like doing, as long as I don’t just cover it, because that’s boring to me. I wanna take it and change it and give it some other kind of thing. Otherwise just leave it alone.”

Danzig issued the title track to 'Devil's Angels' earlier this year.