Gojira have released an animated new video for the song "Sphinx" off their 2021 record Fortitude. 

The video was directed and animated by Zev Deans, who's worked with other artists such as Ghost and St. Vincent, and it depicts the band playing in the Egyptian desert in front of a... well, a Sphinx. Ultimately, it's an aesthetically pleasing visual paired with a gut-punching track.

Check out the video below.

Fortitude serves as Gojira's seventh studio record, and was released on April 30 of this year. A few weeks later, it became the highest-selling album in the United States when it moved a total of 27,372 units — 24,104 of which were pure sales. It also peaked at No. 12 on the Billboard 200, which is their biggest feat on that particular chart thus far.

Frontman Joe Duplantier explained Gojira's vision behind Fortitude earlier this year during a chat with Full Metal Jackie, and he compared the record's overall feeling to its predecessor, 2016's Magma. 

"When we started to work on Fortitude, we wanted something different. Magma was a little, a little dark. We expressed some intense emotions related to the departure of my mom while we were recording the album," the vocalist said.

"We talked about it, but on this album we wanted to express something different, something more joyful and energetic. And I mean, joyful, I mean punchier, more flamboyant but the lyrics usually we talk about humanity and and the evil that men do. So in that sense, it's not exactly a party album, but the sound is more rock, more exciting. I would say."

Gojira - 'Sphinx' Official Video

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