Gone Is Gone, the atmospheric and experimental supergroup featuring Mastodon's Troy Sanders, Queens of the Stone Age's Troy Van Leeuwen, At the Drive-In's Tony Hajjar and multi-instrumentalist Mike Zarin, have put the finishing touches on their first full-length album after issuing a well-received self-titled EP earlier this year. 2017 will get off on the right foot with Gone Is Gone set to release Echolocation on Jan. 6 via Rise Records / Black Dune Records.

The 12-track album was recorded earlier this year at Sencit Studios in Los Angeles, while track was done at Casa De Leones Studios. The band self-produced the album, while calling in Failure's Ken Andrews to mix the disc.

Zarin says, "We were able to expand on ideas that were explored early on and really build on them. By the time we got to working on the album, everything had clicked and we knew 'this is what this is going to be,' and that made a huge difference." Gone Is Gone was initially formed by Zarin and Hajjar, who had previously worked on various film trailers for Sencit, Zarin's music production, licensing and supervision company. Feeling that their music needed another outlet, they formed the band, bringing in Van Leeuwen and Sanders.

In addition to revealing the title and release date, the band also offered the track listing and unleashed a new song titled "Sentient" that can be heard above. The song starts off softly, building in intensity over time, leading into hauntingly hypnotic verses that trudge along. Gone Is Gone fully explored the soundscape on "Sentient," at times being as quiet as a whisper, while other times blasting heavy distortion. Take a listen to the track above.

Earlier this year, Sanders also told us that a song called "Dublin" off the new disc was his favorite thing that band had worked on at the time. "I think that one has the most deepest meaning to me, personally. It’s the song that every time we’ve practiced it, played it or listened to it back on a proper stereo system, it gives me goosebumps," stated Sanders. "That is a magical moment that can not be forged or faked. That one truly does it for me each and every time. That 60-minute set we’re playing, I’m proud of the whole thing. Half of those 11 songs I think we played, and that we’ll play next month in those various cities, those are my 11 babies and I do have a favorite child and its name is 'Dublin.'"

As stated, the Echolocation album will arrive on Jan. 6, and you can currently pre-order the disc via iTunes and get "Sentient" as an instant download. Keep an ear out for more from Gone Is Gone as we get closer to 2017.

Gone Is Gone, Echolocation Album Art

Rise Records / Black Dune Records

Gone Is Gone, Echolocation Track Listing

1. “Sentient”
2. “Gift”
3. “Resurge”
4. “Dublin”
5. “Ornament”
6. “Pawns”
7. “Colourfade”
8. “Roads”
9. “Slow Awakening”
10. “Fast Awakening”
11. “Resolve”
12. “Echolocation”

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