When your band consists of some well known parts of other major acts, scheduling can be an issue and you make the most of the time you have. For Gone Is Gone, that meant that the band was playing only their second ever live date when they hit the stage at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, Calif., Friday night (Jan. 6) to celebrate the release of their full-length debut disc, Echolocation.

But chalk it up to pros being pros and most of their time spent together being in the studio and Gone Is Gone felt like a group who were pretty seasoned in the material they were presenting. Opening the show with "Sentient," the lead track off their Echolocation album, bassist-vocalist Troy Sanders made the most of the song's softer moments, eliciting a breathy delivery that added a more sinister feel to the standout track amidst the hazy room. It definitely hit its mark, as the crowd erupted at the conclusion and even forced Sanders and the crew to take a step back from the mic as a mutual show of appreciation after the applause didn't die down.

The tracks "Praying From the Danger" and "Gift" kept the show lively, before the band rode the undeniable groove of "Resurge" for all that it was worth. Taking their first break for banter of the night, Sanders thanked the crowd for coming out and introduced "Starlight," one of the standouts from 2016's stellar self-titled EP. Making sure to leave it all on the stage, Sanders was clearly digging deep on the vocals. This led into arguably the band's best known song, "Violescent," which lived up to its name as Mike Zarin was bounding around the stage slinging his axe with fury to the brutality of the track while drummer Tony Hajjar was visibly dripping sweat from his mane with every hard lick laid on his drums.

Zarin opened the vocals on "Roads," a more hypnotic and at times chaotic track, which eventually led into new album favorite "Dublin," a performance that found Sanders gyrating and making facial ticks feeling every bit of the song as it led to a heavy groove finish. The next two songs -- "Ornament" and "Slow Awakening" offered more of a spotlight to guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, with his double neck axe getting plenty of work, soloing more on "Ornament" while delivering some truly wailing moments on "Slow Awakening." The latter track received one of the biggest responses of the night, as it's chugging bluesy ending elicited shouts from the crowd.

Ending the show on a high note, the band kept the crowd entranced with "Stolen From Me," a song Sanders dedicated to the audience, followed by the tribal sounding "One Divided" and the epic Echolocation title track. Sanders later relayed how the band was truly appreciative and grateful for the audience, knowing they haven't had much time onstage. He sealed the deal cheering the crowd and adding a chest pound to the heart as they left the stage.

Prior to Gone Is Gone's rare performance was a set by local Los Angeles trio Glaare, who delivered their darkwave sounds with an atmospheric vibe that seemed to be a perfect compliment for the night. Rachael Pierce captured the attention of those who turned out early with an engaging stage presence, while Brandon Pierce kept a catchy beat on drums and Cameron Carlin kept it all balanced taking on drum, bass and guitar, while also triggering some synth pedals during their set. The band was promoting their Surrender / Control EP, released last fall.

Check out our photo gallery of Gone Is Gone and Glaare from Friday's performance at the Troubadour at the top of this post.

Gone Is Gone, Troubadour, West Hollywood, Calif. (Jan. 6, 2017) Set List

1. "Sentient"
2. "Praying From the Danger"
3. "Gift"
4. "Resurge"
5. "Starlight"
6. "Violescent"
7. "Roads"
8. "Dublin"
9. "Ornament"
10. "Slow Awakening"
11. "This Chapter"
12. "Stolen From Me"
13. "One Divided"
14. "Echolocation"

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