The fourth annual GRAMMY Amplifier, A Hyundai Music Initiative served as a great opportunity for up-and-coming acts to get a shot at the big time. Competing among 4,000 entrants, hard rockers American Bombshell won the chance to record a track with renowned producer Mike Clink. The result is their new single "My Drug."

Formed in Greenwood, Ind., the five-piece outfit began with a mission statement of delivering pure, unadulterated, driving rock 'n' roll. As winners of the GRAMMY Amplifier, A Hyundai Music Initiative, American Bombshell were awarded with an artist development experience in the form of a recording session with Clink (Guns N' Roses, Motley Crue, Megadeth). "My Drug" (heard below) was wrought from this session, featuring a push and pull rhythm with an impassioned vocal delivery from singer Jay Cee. An anthemic chorus and bluesy solos round out the up-tempo song.

While in the studio, American Bombshell learned about the writing process with Clink, who taught them how to bring out the best not only in the song, but each member's contribution as part of a greater whole. In the video below, the band is seen tracking "My Drug" at East West Studios in Los Angeles with the producer, who steers the group in a more fortified songwriting direction. He dictates the proper pace of parts of the song, encourages guitarist Andrew Nixon in his soloing and plays around with the dynamics of Jay Cee's voice.

With the GRAMMY Amplifier, Hyundai and the GRAMMYs give emerging artists the opportunity to be heard by uploading a song to the dedicated website. From there, the song is "amplified" by receiving likes, shares and plays from listeners and a Top 25 was culled from the artists who received the most plays. Narrowing down the 25 artists to just 10, a group of curators then selected the three winners.

For more on GRAMMY Amplifier, A Hyundai Music Initiative, click here, and to learn more about American Bombshell, visit their official website.

American Bombshell, "My Drug"

American Bombshell in the Studio With Producer Mike Clink