Wholesome alert! And while wholesome is the last thing you might expect from an extreme metal and grindcore festival, that's exactly what you got when the security for the Czech Republic's Obscene Extreme Festival led a group of youngsters through their first ever stage diving experiences.

It's should be noted that Obscene Extreme has made an effort to be more child friendly, even going so far as to open a children's entertainment area with a pair of teepees with volunteers working the children's corner. But what caught our attention was the totally adorable video posted from the youngster's first stage diving exhibition.

That's right. What looks to be mostly age 10 and under children were seen leaping into the arms of orange-shirted security members who then proceed to pass them around as full-throttle thumping metal music blasts in the background, eventually making their way back to the front of the stage, anxious to do it all again.

While stage diving can be an exhilarating release, we have to think it's definitely reassuring to the parents that this exercise is done with security on hand to help out, giving these little ones a simulation of an experience they may eventually try on their own as they get older.

In fact, stage diving is encouraged at Obscene Extreme, but festival officials have drawn up guidelines, suggesting that "stage diving is determined first one meter (1.10 yd) of the stage," adding, "Do not stay here longer than 5 seconds or hang over among members of the playing bands or behind the monitors!!!"

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This year's festival, which took place last week, featured Carcass, Vomitory, Massacre, Brujeria and more and was also home to a pretty awesome foam party as well.

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