Nobody seems to know exactly when a new Guns N' Roses album will be released, but band members have spoken about a plethora of material that has already been recorded. In a new interview with Backstage Axxess (watch above), keyboardist Dizzy Reed talked about the status of the next GN'R studio album.

"Last I heard, there's a lot of music that has been recorded, a lot of stuff that's done, a lot of stuff that's almost done, and I think it's just a matter of picking out which songs are gonna come out in the next phase," Reed says. "And last I heard, that's what was happening. The main thing is, when it's ready to come out, it'll come out."

He also spoke about whether the songs are leftovers from the 'Chinese Democracy' sessions or newly written tracks: "There's a lot [of material]. You can call it leftovers, but since no one's heard it, technically it's new material. But there's stuff that's been recorded and conceived since then as well. But it's fantastic music, and I really hope it gets out, 'cause people need to hear it. It's great stuff."

Reed also mentioned that he has a solo album that should be out soon. He says it was tracked a few years ago, but was put on the back burner. It's now in the mixing process, and Reed says it should be ready to go early next year.

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