Well let me tell ya somethin' brother! Whenever some jabroni challenges the Hulkster, no matter who it may be, the iconic wrestler will always accept. Guns N' Roses guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, recently challenged Hulk Hogan to make up a song on the spot for the wrestler's '90 Day Challenge' promotion - and the results weren't pretty.

Hulk Hogan began accepting various challenges from Hulkamaniacs worldwide to promote his new '90 Day Challenge' physical fitness promotion. Bumblefoot, who just happened to be on set with his guitar, challenged Hulk to freestyle over a bluesy guitar pattern. As Bumblefoot laid down the guitar, Hogan busted out some lyrics that treaded the line between entertainment and embarrassment.

Hogan, being no stranger to the world of commercials, spewed out lines about the protein drink Visalus, who sponsor the '90 Day Challenge.' The WWE Hall of Famer tapped into his inner Shakespeare, creating wonderfully fruitful and eloquent couplets such as, "I goin' around the block too many more times / Can't stand anymore steel chairs / Now I'm hocking and pushing protein by Visalus / And everything is goin' good."

The Hulkster recently shared that he is a "great bass player," and that he had a chance t0 join Metallica when the band was looking for a bassist. Hogan even went as far as telling the Chicago Tribune, "I would have quit wrestling in a heartbeat to be a bass player for Metallica."

Watch Hulk Hogan Jam with Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal