Guns N' Roses guitarist Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal is a firm believer in passing on his knowledge to the next generation, and he recently dropped by the Bronx, N.Y. 'Little Kids Rock' program to jam out a few songs, including the GN'R classic 'Sweet Child o' Mine' with some Mott Hall Community School kids.

According to, the GN'R guitar slinger dropped by with gifts in hand to help the 'Little Kids Rock' program thrive even further, donating free guitars for the students. The instruments are part of a $75,000+ donation of electric guitars that Gibson has provided to the organization to be distributed amongst schools affected by Hurricane Sandy.

The New York-based students also had a chance to pick the guitarist's brain with a Q&A session prior to jamming with Bumblefoot. During the jam, Thal first sat in a chair rocking out the famous guitar lick from 'Sweet Child O' Mine' before really getting into the song with the young performers, vibing off each other's energy. He would also later perform the song 'Trouble' by Taylor Swift with the 'Little Kids Rock' players.

Bumblefoot will return to play with Guns N' Roses for festival dates and headlining shows in late May and June. Their current itinerary can be seen here. For additional information on the 'Little Kids Rock' program, click here.

Bumblefoot Jams 'Sweet Child O' Mine' with 'Little Kids Rock' Students