Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan and new keyboardist Melissa Reese were special guests of the Seattle Seahawks during the team’s hometown game against the Atlanta Falcons earlier this month.

McKagan and Reese are both Seattle natives, and though Duff ended up in California during his formative years as a musician, the bassist has been a lifelong Seahawks fanatic. During an interview with the Seahawks, McKagan revealed just how much the honor meant to him, naming the flag raising as one of the top five moments of his career. As you can see in the video above, the crowd went nuts for McKagan as the bassist received a celebratory video package highlighting his many achievements.

As for Melissa Reese, she nailed the national anthem in front of a packed stadium. Reese has been making music as a singer-songwriter since 2006, so despite Reese taking a supporting role in GN’R, she can certainly sing like a world-class frontwoman. You can check out her rendition of the national anthem below.

Guns N’ Roses are currently down in South America to perform a month of shows for some of the most die-hard rock fans on earth. The legendary band’s touring schedule will bring GN’R to Australia and Asia in early 2017, with more dates reportedly being planned well into next year.

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