Guns N' Roses fans got a pleasant surprise Sunday (Feb. 2) when the rock group's "Patience" appeared in a Super Bowl commercial for Saint Archer Gold beer.

Specifically, the spot advertising the new light beer from Saint Archer Brewing Co. focuses on lead singer Axl Rose's tuneful whistling that anchors the late-'80s GN'R Lies single. In the commercial, skateboarder and Saint Archer co-founder Paul "P-Rod" Rodriguez whistles the song as he skates around San Diego.

The athletic entrepreneur visits various stores around the breezy Ocean Beach neighborhood for his favored Saint Archer Gold in the ad that aired on Fox during Super Bowl LIV. Local news site The Times of San Diego initially made a note about the advertisement last week (Jan. 31).

Watch the 60-second version of the TV commercial down toward the bottom of this post. Before Rodriguez happens upon a case of the beer, a guitar-playing pedestrian accompanies him with the opening chords of the Guns N' Roses song as the skater continues whistling Rose's iconic vocalizations.

Founded in San Diego in 2013, Molson Coors acquired Saint Archer Brewing two years later. Reportedly, the Saint Archer Gold ad represents the conglomerate's largest investment in a Super Bowl spot since 2009.

"There's no better way to introduce a new, game-changing brand than by debuting during one of the biggest television events of the year," a Molson Coors vice president said. "We are all incredibly excited about Saint Archer Gold and its potential to drive growth in the premium end of the light beer market."

As it was first released over 30 years ago, "Patience" leads a set of acoustic tracks that occupies the back half of GN'R Lies. At the time, the song seized the success wrought by the borderline ballad "Sweet Child O' Mine," the Appetite for Destruction smash that preceded it.

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