Remember that car commercial where the driver drums to Rush's "Fly by Night" on the steering wheel? We're all guilty of it, though we usually try to conceal it unlike that overzealous driver and, fortunately for us, a member of the NFL's Baltimore Ravens marching band rocked out with no reserve and Rush sent their message of approval.

During the Ravens' 47 to 3 drubbing of the Buffalo Bills, Rush's Moving Pictures classic "Tom Sawyer" came pouring (along with the rain) through the speakers at New Era Field in Buffalo. One man kept pace with Neil Peart's explosive stick work and local sports anchor and reporter Prescott Rossi shared the footage on Twitter for all to see.

The video has made the rounds on Twitter, raking in millions of views and it even made its way to Rush. The Canadian prog rock legends loved it, tweeting, "The professor would approve!"

Unfortunately for Rush fans, "the professor" retired from touring in late December of 2015, stating in an interview, in part, "there comes a time to... take yourself out of the game." Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson remained optimistic the band would stay active in some capacity, but time has led Lifeson to conclude "we're basically done."

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