Are you prepared to join The Hate Club? You may still be waiting for your letter from the army inviting you to be drafted, but that wasn't the case for three "legionnaires," who sign up in this wild, Metalocalypse-styled animated music video for "My Name Is Legion," which is premiering here at Loudwire.

This is one of those songs that once you see the music video, you will only ever want to listen to it alongside the visual aid. Music is a wonderful medium for rich storytelling and has the power to invoke certain imagery, but there are certain tracks, such as "My Name Is Legion," that only ever realize their full power with a complimentary video.

"Music video features real fans that THC is super engaged with and they in some way inspired the plot by pitching various ideas," began The Hate Club's Alex Poe. "In the music video one of the main characters are the three Legionnaires and in the beginning you can see them going about their 'usual routine' like practicing the occult rituals, painting with blood etc.," he said laughing.

"The three Legionnaires get an army letter of induction to be drafted into The Hate Club Legion that they must respond to in-person," Poe added, elaborating on the video's narrative. "Thus, they embark on the journey until they arrive at the army, which is THC's concert. My personal favorite part is the chaos that ensues as the three Legionnaires arrive at their destination. Not gonna lie — it was also heavily inspired by Metalocalypse, which I'm absolutely a huge fan of."

No shame there — who doesn't love Metalocalypse?

The animated video, impressively, is the work of just one person, Evan Streb of Evanimations, and you can marvel at his cartooning in the video below.

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