Huntress vocalist Jill Janus has shown off those powerful pipes over the course of three albums with her current band, but for vocalist, singing has dated back to at least her teenage years. And the frontwoman is showcasing a little bit of her teen past, bringing to light a cover she recorded when she was 15 of the song "Find It" from the cult film Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

Janus reveals, "As a teenager, I was into to 70's melodramatic cinema. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls was so campy, I fell in love the fictitious band the Carrie Nations. I recorded 'Find It' at the age of 15 in my best friend's basement in Oneonta, N.Y. Ben Joplin and I recorded a series of cover songs from the age of 15 to 17, we named our band Crimson Kisses. To celebrate the release of 'Sorrow' directed by Phil Mucci, I'm unleashing this very rare demo. No one has heard it until now. 'Sorrow' is a tribute to low budget, high kitsch horror flicks of the '70s. I feel that 'Find It' has come full circle to meet 'Sorrow.' I dig how life works. Warning: excessive use of vibrato!"

For those unaware, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls was co-written and directed by the legendary Russ Meyer. He co-wrote the script with late film critic Roger Ebert. At the time, the film received an X rating, but still became a fan favorite over time, earning a cult following.

Get a listen to Janus' rendition of "Find It" in the player above and if you like what you hear, she's also made it available to download via Soundcloud. Check it out here.

As stated, Huntress are currently supporting the new single and Phil Mucci-directed video for "Sorrow" from their Static album. The disc is available to purchase via Amazon, iTunes and in bundle options here. The band, who just performed aboard the Motorhead Motorboat Cruise, will next be seen onstage playing some post-Christmas shows with Black Label Society leading up to the New Year. Dates can be found here.

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