What do you do in your Calvins? If you're Henry Rollins, it's something slightly dangerous. Rollins is just one of the celebrity models taking part in the designer's fall 2016 campaign.

In each of the videos, the subject is posed with a fill-in-the-blank question: I ______ in #mycalvins. Rollins responds, "I've done quite a bit in my Calvins … like I can't believe I'm still alive kind of things." Check out the brief video above.

Rollins also took part in a Q&A chat to go along with his video shoot. Speaking about how he works to reach toward his goals, Rollins responded, "The most important thing about any goal is to define it. What's the objective? Work backwards from the goal, and start throwing out things that distract you from the goal. This year, I'll be doing well over 100 speaking dates in about 20 counties. I've been in 14 countries so far this year. I have a show every night, there are no notes, no bottle of water, just me and my brain for about 2 hours and 40 minutes at a high speed. It's go, go, go. The way to achieve that is every meal has to be really good, the sleep has to be restorative. I get to the gym every day if possible because that gets my mind ready for the show. The whole day is basically a funnel, where I start in the morning wide and as the day goes on, we're narrowing in on 8:00 when I go on stage."

He continues, "I think preparation is how you get away from anxiety, nerves. Some people get nervous for auditions, I just hyper prepare. I can't wait to go audition. I want to do it. That's because I prepared. When you get to what you are supposed to be doing, if you can hit that with the complete sincerity and honesty that comes from preparation, you are good to go. You are not doing anything half way. You aren't dialing it in and you are not faking, which means you are not lying. If you can come from any corner of truth, be it with acting or anything else, then you are most of the way there."

He also offered that the best advice he could give someone would be to "be brave and be open-minded," and he suggested getting a passport because "the world is your friend." He continued, "The world is like an enthusiastic dog in the first day of snow. It just can't wait to meet you and you should be out meeting everyone all over the world and not buying into, 'Well you know those Arabs, you know that country Africa, well you know ...' I'm no expert, but I've been all over the Middle East, I've spent weeks at a time in Central Asia, South East Asia, all over the African continent, and the only hard part of your day is dealing with all the hospitality. People who are so nice, so generous, you just end up being humbled. The guy with t-shirt and a ball and a stick, he will give you half of what he has. When you meet these beautiful people all over, it's hard to be afraid of the world."

Rollins also created a Spotify playlist to go along with his Calvin Klein ad and Q&A. Among his picks are tracks from High on Fire ("Dark Side of the Compass"), Motorhead ("Till the End"), Iggy Pop ("American Valhalla") and Dax Riggs ("Living Is Suicide") alongside classic cuts from David Bowie, Rolling Stones, the New York Dolls, the Clash, Ramones, Patti Smith and Tom Waits. Check out the playlist here.

In addition to Rollins, other musicians like Frank Ocean and Young Thug and celebrities like Kate Moss and David Blaine are taking part in the fall 2016 Calvin Klein campaign. To find out more about the campaign, click here.

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