Henry Rollins, former Smashing Pumpkins' guitarist James Iha, Imagine Dragon’s Dan Reynolds and more are all associated with the potential new Amazon series A History of Radness. According to The Wrap, Amazon has ordered a pilot for the show which follows middle school aged siblings 'Jack' and 'Tessie' as they form a band and navigate through adolescence.

Rollins will guest star as 'Coach Carlucci' on the show. Iha will create the original score and Reynolds alongside Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino will help narrate it. A History of Radness is slated to debut on the site this summer, but the prospective series has some stiff competition. According to Rolling Stone, the pilot is just one of six kid-related shows this summer that will be premiering and competing to get a green light for a full-fledged series.

Rollins has done a number of guest starring roles in TV shows, movies and documentaries. The onetime Black Flag frontman even wrestled an alligator during the docu-series Animal Underworld. Iha is no stranger to the role he'll be taking on either. The musician recently provided the score for the Hulu series Deadbeat.

Rollins is always a polarizing character for his decisions and his opinions. He was recently praised by Motor Sister's Jim Wilson during an exclusive Loudwire interview at the end of April. Wilson told us that he credits the performer with changing his life. While back in March, Venom bassist and vocalist Cronos slammed Rollins, stating, "He's not a f--king musician, he's a fool."

Motor Sister's Jim Wilson Talks Henry Rollins

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