Those who are familiar with Motor Sister's story know that the band was started based on Scott Ian and Pearl Aday's love of the group Mother Superior, whose members famously enjoyed a stint backing hardcore legend Henry Rollins' in the Rollins Band back in the '90s. One of the members of Motor Sister is singer Jim Wilson, who also fronted Mother Superior and played guitar in Rollins Band.

Loudwire recently had a chance to sit down with the members of Motor Sister and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to ask Wilson about his time performing with the iconic Henry Rollins.

"He really changed my life," recalls Wilson in the clip above. "I was still working in a record shop when I met him." The rocker also recalls the distinct differences between Rollins on and offstage, adding, "Our relationship was totally friendship and we were nice to each other. He's a super sweet guy, but onstage, it's like get out of the way."

Get more of Wilson's perspective on Rollins by watching the video in full above. And be sure to pick up Motor Sister's full-throttle rocking Ride disc at Amazon and iTunes or in bundle options here. At present, only an appearance on Motorhead's Motorboat Cruise in late September is on their touring itinerary.

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