Mother Superior were an L.A. rock band that disbanded a few years ago. Anthrax's Scott Ian was a big fan of the band, who released numerous albums and did session work with everyone from Henry Rollins to George Clinton to Queens of the Stone Age.

Now, the band's songs are being brought back to life by the new supergroup Motor Sister. The existence of the project was revealed a couple months ago, and now we know more information about the band and their debut album.

Motor Sister includes Mother Superior frontman Jim Wilson, Joey Vera (Fates Warning, Armored Saint) and John Tempesta (White Zombie, The Cult) along with Scott Ian and his wife Pearl Aday. Ian says the group began due to his 50th birthday party wish of wanting to hear Mother Superior play again. Pearl, who has worked with Wilson for years, set things up.

"I wanted to cherry-pick a set list of my favorite Mother Superior songs and get these guys together and have the concert at my house," Ian says of the event that eventually led to an album.

Ian continues, "Jim was totally into the idea. Pearl was a huge Mother Superior fan from way back and was in. I asked my good friends Joey Vera and John Tempesta to be a part of it because I knew they were both big fans as well and with no hesitation they said, 'We're in.'"

Wilson says he was excited to be part of the project: "I definitely didn't need any arm-twisting. I was totally flattered and thought it was a great idea. I figured it would be fun and it was a great opportunity for a new chapter to be established in order to move forward."

Motor Sister's debut album 'Ride' was recorded in two days at Ian's home studio by Anthrax producer Jay Ruston. The album will be released March 10 via Metal Blade. Check out a video about the band and the album above, and listen to the track 'This Song Reminds Me of You' below.

Pre-orders of the album are available here, and Motor Sister have scheduled a special show in Brooklyn, N.Y. on Feb. 12 at Saint Vitus. You can get tickets for the show at this location.

Motor Sister, 'Ride' Track Listing

1. 'A Hole'
2. 'This Song Reminds Me of You'
3. 'Beg Borrow Steal'
4. 'Fool Around'
5. 'Get That Girl'
6. 'Head Hanging Low'
7. 'Fork in the Road'
8. 'Little Motor Sister'
9. 'Pretty in the Morning'
10. 'Whore'
11. 'Doghouse'
12. 'Devil Wind'

Motor Sister, 'This Song Reminds Me of You'

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