How to Destroy Angels are off and running with their new 'An Omen' EP, and they've now unleashed a video for the standout track 'Ice Age.' The clip really is more of a short film, clocking in at just over seven minutes with the group isolated in a log cabin.

John Hillcoat, director of such films as 'The Road' and 'Lawless,' shot the promo for the band, which finds the members primarily shot in dark profiles as singer Mariqueen Maandig sings longingly into the distance while looking outside of the cabin's window.

Meanwhile, Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, and Rob Sheridan give the song a rustic feel with a beat up piano, lap steel guitar, and a board filled with distortion effects providing the background. As Maandig continues looking out the window we eventually see outside as the waves crash in from the ocean, but a series of visual effects begin to turn things dark, shadowy and blurry with the cold starting to set in.

'An Omen' has provided a re-introduction for the group, who added Sheridan to the lineup since their first EP back in 2010. The band's first full-length record is expected next year.

Watch How to Destroy Angels 'Ice Age' Video