How to Destroy Angels are in a sharing mood, giving listeners the opportunity to check out their 'Welcome Oblivion' album a full two weeks before its release. The band is streaming the effort in full via the Pitchfork Advance site.

This is not your average stream, as the Pitchfork platform allows the listener to enjoy an interactive experience that comes with graphics throughout, as well as the ability to access album art, lyrics, credits, the track listing and artist info while taking in the album.

How to Destroy Angels released the 'An Omen' EP last fall, and a number of the songs turn up on the full-length 'Welcome Oblivion' album. Fans have already had the chance to check out the singles 'Keep It Together,' 'Ice Age' and 'The Loop Closes' from the EP, and 'How Long?' off the new record debuted just a few weeks ago.

Check out the 'Welcome Oblivion' album stream here.

The 'Welcome Oblivion' album is due March 5. Pre-orders are currently being taken here.

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