Huntress are ready for the spotlight this summer. The band is on their way back with the new album 'Starbound Beast' and has the perfect platform to launch their star, performing on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Fest this summer.

Vocalist Jill Janus, who is generating buzz for her commanding live performances, was among those in attendance at the recent Revolver Golden Gods Awards and she spoke with Loudwire on the black carpet about the band's live sets, their thoughts about playing Mayhem and a few details on the group's upcoming disc. Check out the interview below:

Jill, congrats -- new album en route and big summer ahead. Tell us a little bit about what's on the horizon for you.

Tonight I'm celebrating the release of our album 'Starbound Beast.' It's coming out this summer, July 2, on Napalm Records. And we're ecstatic to be touring this summer with Mayhem Fest. It's been a whirlwind for us and the fact that we're here tonight at Golden Gods under one roof -- Metallica and Danzig, I could die.

I saw you guys play recently and I love the energy you put forth onstage. You've got a great live show.

Thank you so much. You know, the thing with us is we stay true to the roots of heavy metal and what you see is what you get. What you hear on the album is what you're going to see live and that's really important to us, to have that integrity. It's just all about Priest and Maiden, but it's current, you know.

The Mayhem Festival has a very solid lineup this year. Tell me what Huntress hopes to bring to the event this year.

What's interesting about Huntress being on the bill is that we're playing the Jagermestier stage. We're sponsored by Jager and we're very thankful for that, but we're a bit of a novelty in a world of new metal. So what we're doing is coming in and putting on the best live show without any backing vocals, without any drum triggers, it's just straight-up, in-your-face, heavy f---ing metal and that's what we're bringing to Mayhem Fest, no bulls---.

And with the album coming, is there a song we should be looking for?

I'm not really allowed to say too much at this point, but I can tell you we're shooting a video very soon and we do have some surprises, some big surprises that will be happening the next couple of weeks for Huntress.

Editor's note: Huntress just unleashed the new song 'I Want to F--- You to Death' that was co-written by legendary Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister. Click below to listen.

With Metallica, Rob Zombie, Tony Iommi being honored and so many iconic bands here, any of them serve as influences growing up?

Absolutely, well, when I was 11 or 12 years old I was listening to the Misfits and I have to say I always had a crush on Glenn Danzig. I've never met him, but I think tonight's going to be the night. So the Misfits were a huge influence early on, and Metallica, obviously. To me, to be here and included in this event is just an amazing experience. Huntress is here. Wow.