Imagine Dragons have developed a strenuous relationship with the rock community. Despite possessing predominant pop tendencies, the band are continually dominating rock and rock associated charts. Singer Dan Reynolds, however, has now spoken out against his perception of the current state of rock-stardom.

He wrote in a tweet, "For the record I much prefer being called a pop star to rock star. I want to change popular culture and create music that brings light to the masses. I’m not looking to impress you with how little I care; or how drugged I am; [or] how many women I can sleep with. [I'm] not interested."

"I relate with the rock and roll attitude of 'be you unabashedly,' fight for what you believe in [and protesting] wrongs," he wrote in a separate tweet. "However, I don’t see this very much in the 'rockstar' world today. I saw it in the '90s. Today I see selfishness and self worship."

A fan responded to his take on "selfishness and self-worship" in rock today, saying, "I see a lot of both in today’s music honestly. Depends on the artist." Reynolds responded, "This is true. Okay, for now on I only want to be called 'that one white guy that was wrong for awhile about a lot of things and now is trying to make change who screams a lot in his music and likes to write big choruses and run on sentences.'"

In July we reported on the highest-selling rock songs and albums of 2018 thus far. Imagine Dragons placed at No. 1 in every category except for traditional sales, where they came in at No. 2. What do you think about the current state of rock-stardom? Bullet for My Valentine vocalist Matt Tuck recently said that the metal genre has become "stale." What do you think the future holds for guitar-based music?

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