Grab hold of something steady as Incite are ready to shake up your world with the new song "Stagnant" off their forthcoming album Oppression.

The heavy wall of sound hits you full force as frenetic drums and guitar blast you while vocalist Richie Cavalera belts out some pure vocal fury. You can hear the song in full below and get a taste of what's to come.

The band has been busy over the last few months putting together their new Oppression album with the help of producer Steve Evetts. The disc, due April 22, is filled with heavy ferocity and darkened melodies. All Hail the Yeti's Connor Garrity and Sirius XM DJ Jose Mangin will make guest vocal appearances on the disc.

Cavalera says, "This new album is without a doubt the one we're most proud of -- to date. It's the most organic and aggressive album in the bands career. Working with Steve Evetts was a life changing experience for all of us. We learned and tried things that we never would have before, and were really able to harness the raw live energy that you get from our shows."

He continues, "We added a lot of new guitar work -- more complicated solos, effects, and not to mention the vocal sound and structure is on a whole new level. Oppression is the rebirth of good old classic American Metal."

Incite's Oppression album is currently available to pre-order via the group's Bandcamp page. Get your orders in here. And look for the band hitting the road in Europe with Soulfly and King Parrot as part of the Maximum Cavalera tour.

Incite, "Stagnant"

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