Incite are now three albums and two EPs into their career, and the band's audience is ever growing. As such, they've just re-released their 2009 debut disc The Slaughter, and they've teamed with Loudwire to premiere a newly created lyric video for the title track.

The band called upon director Robert Sexton to oversee the clip. In a recent Facebook posting they state, "Robert Sexton who worked on 'Fallen' and 'WTF' will also be the director for the new video. We are so excited about the re-release of this record. Now finally the world will have a badass video to accompany it."

The killer clip takes a turn toward the dark side as the lyrics scroll across the screen while a woman gagged and tied up is seen in the background. In the midst of the song's breakdown, the screen also puts up quotes from the Zodiac Killer, John Wayne Gacy, Albert Fish and other killers.

If you're not familiar with Incite's early work, here's your chance to get acquainted. Led by vocalist Richie Cavalera, the group rocks through such heavy standouts as "The Slaughter," "Nothing to Fear" and "Divided We Fall." The album was produced by Logan Mader and helped get the ball rolling for the group back in 2009.

You can currently pick up the disc via Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp. And while no dates are currently listed, the band has been teasing fans with the possibility of new shows in recent Facebook postings. So stay tuned.

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