Iron Maiden have just unveiled a collaboration with Amon Amarth in which they bring the viking warrior depicted on the cover of their Berserker album to join mascot Eddie in the popular mobile game, Legacy of the Beast.

The turn-based RPG (role-playing game) has over four million users worldwide in which players control countless characters bearing various skill sets, class types and power-ups (dubbed talismans) to defeat the enemy.

Each month, new event challenges are issued through updates. This month, the theme is "Viking Invasion" -- a collaboration with Swedish death metal legends Amon Amarth, whose sole lyrical themes center around vikings and Norse mythology, a natural choice.

Regarding the Legacy of the Beast story mode, the Berserker seeks revenge on those responsible for murderous attacks on his village, which also took the lives of his family.

Players will be able to earn the new Berserker character from April 13 through May 12 through conquests in the "Viking Invasion Dungeon" section of the mobile game. He even comes equipped with a shield shaped in the form of the "A" in the Amon Amarth logo.

Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood commented, "Legacy of the Beast was built on a foundation of Iron Maiden songs, art and history, but has also always been about introducing and developing creative ideas that extended beyond Maiden. And, just as we've always invited bands out to tour with us, we are delighted to invite some friends to become part of our game and to provide another dimension to the fun, dexterity and excitement of it."

Overjoyed at the inclusion in the game, Amon Amarth vocalist Johan Hegg enthused, "To have our own character in the Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast game is just insanely cool! And such an honor. We hope everyone will enjoy our humble contribution to this awesome game!"

Watch a trailer for the new "Viking Invasion" theme directly below and, further below, view a clip of Amon Amarth recollecting their favorite Iron Maiden moments.

Meanwhile, Iron Maiden recently announced that their 'Legacy of the Beast' European tour leg originally scheduled for 2020, then pushed to 2021, has again been reset with a new slate of 2022 dates. The theatrical stage set for the tour was largely inspired by the mobile game, which is based off Maiden's comic book series of the same name.

To download the Legacy of the Beast mobile game (it's free), head here.

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