Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris dropped his debut solo album 'British Lion' earlier this year. He released a video for 'This is My God' in October, and now he and his band have unleashed another music video, this time for the track 'Us Against the World.'

Described by Harris as less of a solo project and more of a side project, the legendary bassist wrote the entire album with vocalist Richard Taylor. Guitarist and keyboardist David Hawkins also contributed to the majority of the material for 'British Lion,' with a numerous amount other unofficial musicians lending their talents to the album.

The video for 'Us Against the World' is pretty low-budget, especially compared to Iron Maiden's latest music video for 'The Final Frontier' in 2010, which looks like it cost as much as an entire independent film. 'Us Against the World' introduces new fans to the members of Harris' band, giving the musicians, especially Taylor, a large amount of screen time. Apart from the simple nature of the video, it features the band playing in a dark room with small rays of light shining through, reminiscent of Korn's landmark video for 'Freak on a Leash.'

Check out Steve Harris' new vid for 'Us Against the World.'

Steve Harris, 'Us Against the World'