As Iron Maiden continue to obliterate the East Coast of the U.S. with their ‘Maiden England’ tour, the band recently checked in with a new video report from the road.

Clocking in at a little over seven minutes, the video shows clips of their massive live show intertwined with interview clips that range from members of the band to production manager Patrick Ledwith to even checking in with one of the truck drivers that transports the gigantic show from state to state.

The video also chats with fans along the way – some traveling from state to state, others experiencing Iron Maiden for the very first time.

The band members are asked about the larger than life stage show as well throughout the clip. Steve Harris checks in from what looks like a shower backstage somewhere, saying, “The show looks great, from what we can see of it. Obviously we’re always facing the other way because we’re facing you lot, but you know, it looks good.”

Frontman Bruce Dickinson said the time on stage is flying by each night, “It’s rocking along, it’s an unrelenting set, two hours just goes like that.”

The show largely features their 1988 ‘Seventh Son of a Seventh Son’ disc and according to the band performing the title track is one of the highlights of the set due to both its challenging nature but how fun it is as well.

The Maiden England tour carries on throughout North America through August, check out all the remaining dates here. Read our review of the recent tour stop in N.Y. here.

Watch The U.S. East Coast Tour Report Video From Iron Maiden