Iron Maiden, the band, won't appear in Rio de Janeiro this year until September, but that didn't keep some highly motivated and creative fans from bringing the band's iconic mascot "Eddie" to Carnival this year.

As can be seen in the photo above, the iron-cast, blue-ish figure turned up as part of Rio de Janiero's huge Carnival bash. The event takes place annually before Lent every year and is considered the biggest carnival in the world, with nearly two million people flocking to the streets to celebrate.

Though Carnival is celebrated in other areas of Brazil and additional Catholic countries, the festivities in Rio de Janeiro are widely regarded as the largest of all the celebrations.

As for "Eddie," you can look for him reclaiming his spot as part of Iron Maiden's stage setup when the band returns to the road May 29 in Lisbon, Portugal. The veteran metallers will spend their summer months playing dates throughout Europe. As previously mentioned, the band will also headline one of the shows at the annual Rock in Rio festival in Brazil Sept. 22.