Poor Eddie, his beautiful ancient face was covered up in Germany! An advertisement for Iron Maiden's newest album, The Book of Souls, was reportedly crudely censored by concerned parents to shield schoolchildren from Maiden mascot Eddie the Head (see below).

Iron Maiden's The Book of Souls is adorned by the latest incarnation of Eddie, which represents Mayan belief of the soul living on after death. Like all of Iron Maiden's imagery, the graphic is captivating, but someone thought it was too frightening to be plastered up so close to various Kindergartens and a grade school.

The coverup was accompanied by the words (roughly translated), "In the immediate vicinity are several kindergartens and a grade school. This poster has no business being here!"

Photos of the Maiden desecration have been circulating via Twitter, with one user calling out "Helicopter Parents" for putting it up. The sign has been removed, so Eddie's likeness is free to gaze upon Germany once again.

Iron Maiden's 16th studio album, The Book of Souls, is now available, so grab yourself a copy here.

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