This might be the greatest pop-meets-metal mashup we’ve ever heard. In this Best of YouTube clip, we revisit an incredible mix between Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper” and Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”

YouTuber Nightmare Lyra has created a bunch of mashups, but “Beat It, Trooper” is by far the most popular with over 370,000 views… which is still not nearly enough for something as good as this. In fact, it’s the only Nightmare Lyra mashup that’s surpassed 4,000 views, so you know this clip is the chosen one.

“Beat It, Trooper” begins with Iron Maiden’s iconic “Trooper” riff, but before a vocal line even begins, the secondary guitar riff from “Beat It” adds an extra layer to the Maiden classic almost seamlessly. Instead of Bruce Dickinson’s operatic voice singing the horrors of warfare, we get MJ’s famous lines as Maiden’s instrumental section drops out in the verse’s opening measures.

It’s eerie how well it all comes together, even without Dickinson’s woahs in the mix. In place of Maiden’s most powerful chant, Michael Jackson roars in with “Beat it, beat it, no one wants to be defeated.” For a little added depth, samples from Anthrax’s “Caught in a Mosh,” Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” and Judas Priest’s “Painkiller,” but you’d hardly notice.

Check out the Iron Maiden vs. Michael Jackson mix above and enjoy hitting that replay button for the rest of your day.

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