It may not be Flight 666, but it's a start. An Iron Maiden super fan is selling his van on eBay. Why should you be interested? Because the van is completely decked out with graphics of Iron Maiden mascot Eddie the Head.

In the comments section of our Iron Maiden vs. S.O.D. March Metal Mascot Madness feature, a dude from Keyport, Wash. posted a link directed towards eBay with the text, "selling my IRON MAIDEN VAN, check it out on ebay."

Iron Maiden van?!? We're sold! Well, figuratively, since we don't have $10,000 to drop on this motorized masterpiece. The 1973 van has racked up an impressive 134,813 miles, no doubt by following Iron Maiden tour to tour.

Let's get into the paint job, shall we? The van's left side sports Eddie from the Killers album, while lightning bolts shoot across from the front wheel. The right side depicts the Live After Death version of Eddie, with more lightning bolts for good measure. The front hood also depicts a separate Live After Death Eddie.

As for the back, we've got Eddie from Maiden's Powerslave era -- sure to intimidate tailgaters from highways to back roads. Check out the artwork below.

If you've got $10,000 burning a hole in your pocket, why not grab the most Iron Maiden-ist van in the entire brave new world? Check out the van on eBay.


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