Jack Osbourne and Lily Cornell Silver have more similar lives than it seems on the surface, having both grown up with parents in the music industry. Osbourne was the latest guest on Cornell Silver's mental health talk series Mind Wide Openand they explained how their unique situations forced them to grow up fast.

Though their lives are very different, the individuals both started in very similar circumstances. Both of their fathers were musicians — Ozzy Osbourne and Chris Cornell — and both of their mothers were artist managers — Sharon Osbourne and Susan Silver.

Similarly, starring in a reality TV show at a young age had a large impact on Osbourne, and Cornell Silver's family being in the spotlight after the death of her dad was profound for her as well.

That isn't to say that the two are complaining about their situations. They both explained feeling both grateful and resentful for their upbringings, but they did go into detail how they were affected by growing up in famous families.

"I went through a real rough patch from the moment when we did The Osbournes — we only did the show for about three years — but during that three years I was not in a good place. And it's because human beings are not designed to be famous," Osbourne said.

"Growing up with a rock star father, you see fame is torturous," he continued. "And as a child, all of a sudden it's like, on this hugely successful show... I really lost my way. I struggled a lot with depression even before the show when I was a teenager. And then once the show kicked off, I kind of fell into drugs and alcohol. It was pretty aggressive."

Fortunately, Osbourne has been sober since, and Cornell Silver has used her background to spread awareness about mental health on this talk show. Watch the full interview below.

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