There may be a certain mystique about metal rock stars, but they may be more like average people than you suspect. With that in mind, Jamey Jasta pulls back the curtain in a new video series titled Metal Dudes Doing Non-Metal Things.

For his first episode, Jasta met up with current Light the Torch and former Killswitch Engage vocalist Howard Jones, with the pair deciding to spend the day feeding and petting the animals at Silverman's Farm in Easton, Ct.

The premise is set up while Jasta and Jones are en route to their destination, driving along and discussing how not everything in their life is metal. "When I try to write, I basically try not to listen to anything metal," says Jones, admitting he'll put on hip-hop. Jasta shares a story of taking his kid to see a very non-metal artist in concert and having other adults approach him with surprise. "People think when you're in metal there are certain things that you're not allowed to do. But we have to live normal lives and be normal as possible, but we also get to have fun," says Jasta.

The video has its moments of levity, especially the over the top metal drops accentuating some non-metal activity. Once the pair arrive at Silverman's Farm, they run into wrestling Hall of Famer Bubba Ray Dudley along with Velvet Sky, completely unplanned, so the pair make a cameo in the episode.

While the episode is about doing an "un-metal thing," Jasta and Jones debate whether certain animals are metal or not, and more animals than you think could be considered metal. The pair finish out the day with a trip to a Mexican food truck. Watch the first episode of Metal Dudes Doing Non-Metal Things above.

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