More details surrounding the investigation into the death of Warrant singer Jani Lane have been made available in the past day or so. First, an autopsy performed on the singer, 47, was inconclusive, according to the L.A. Times. It did not reveal the cause of death and the results of the toxicology report won't be returned for at least a month-and-a-half, if not longer. Therefore, an answer as to why Lane died won't be readily available anytime soon.

Prescription drugs and alcohol were found at the Comfort Inn motel room where Lane's body was discovered after 5 PM on Thursday, Aug. 11. The location of the body begged another question for the investigating authorities: Why was Lane alone in a hotel room in Woodland Hills, Calif., which was only 30 miles from his home in South Bay? The mystery deepens.

Additionally, early reports suggest that Lane, who was the father of two daughters, did not take his own life.

Private memorial services will be held for the singer on Aug. 14, according to his manager and friend Obi Steinman. A public celebration of the man who was voice behind major '80s hits like 'Cherry Pie,' 'Heaven' and 'Down Boys' is being planned for Aug. 24 in Hollywood; Warrant peers like Great White and L.A. Guns are scheduled to perform.

Many of members of the rock community were shaken by Lane's sudden passing. A slew of musicians expressed their grief over his death and reacted via Twitter.

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