Go ahead, just try it. We dare you! Try not to keep your feet tapping or head nodding along with infectious sounds of the new Jared James Nichols song "Last Chance." Nichols has teamed up with Loudwire to bring you the exclusive lyric video premiere for the track.

The Ben Strang-directed lyric video gets right down to the basics with Nichols in a studio, dropping the needle on the record and letting the massive speakers transmit this up-tempo earworm and allowing it to fully take hold with the listener. As the visuals show Nichols getting caught up in the catchy nature of the track, the lyrics grace the screen.

“I wrote 'Last Chance' with the intent of leaving a scar," Nichols tells us. "I love the power and fire in '70s rock like Sabbath and Deep Purple. I wanted that energy in this track. Between the crazy guitar solo and the relentless groove, I went completely wild and just let it all hang out."

Nichols co-produced the track with Tony Perry, son of the legendary Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, and they came out with this anthemic rocker. "Working with Tony Perry added an extra edge to the track. He has an ear and feel for shaping this kind of sound," adds Nichols. "It's a liberating feeling to work with someone who, like myself, isn't afraid to 'push' the equipment and limits while recording. We were definitely getting a little reckless and having a blast. You can tell, it directly transfers into the recording."

"Last Chance" is featured on Nichols' upcoming sophomore set, Black Magic, which will be released by Listenable Records in September. Look for Nichols on the road this summer in the U.K. with UFO and Blue Oyster Cult. See the dates here.

Jared James Nichols