Jamey Jasta is a workhorse. With Hatebreed still touring behind 2016's The Concrete Confessional, the frontman has still found time to dedicate to his solo career with a fresh video for "Chasing Demons" off last year's The Lost Chapters compilation.

The track features a guest appearance from Light the Torch's Howard Jones (also of Killswitch Engage fame), who lends his soulful croon to the emotive chorus as he belts out, "You won't find me chasing demons over the deep end." It's a chugging song that trades brawn for beauty (Jasta's barks vs. Jones' clean pipes) and is performance-based with an old-school approach as the band jams in a rehearsal space littered with rock and metal posters with shots of a woman dressed in black walking among the snow cut between the clips.

“I’m excited to get a new Jasta video out and honored to have worked with the great Howard Jones. His signature vocals bring this track to the next level and this song has now become a staple in the Jasta set. Even though I am very busy with Hatebreed this year, I’ve managed to squeeze in some festival shows and club dates with Jasta. It’s gonna be a good time," said Jamey Jasta.

Check out Jasta's tour dates here and look for more news to come on his collaborative effort with Twisted Sister legend Dee Snider.

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