Guitar giant John 5 recently stopped by our studio to talk about his first ever live album, It’s Alive! John 5 also discussed one of his favorite Rob Zombie tracks and spoke about how he always feels comfortable with a guitar in his hands.

It’s Alive! is more than just a shred fest before a raucous club audience. The album ends with an explosive 10-minute medley filled with rock’s greatest riffs, licks and solos. John goes through everything from Van Halen to Alice in Chains to Rush and Metallica, stacking guitar parts on top of each other seamlessly. “It’s to celebrate what I grew up listening to and playing, just like one of the fans,” says John 5.

Anyone who grabbed Rob Zombie’s latest album, Electric Warlock, will remember its monstrous closing track, “Wurdalak.” John composed not just guitar for that song, but piano as well. “What I love about that song more than anything, and I talk to Rob about this all the time, is that voice,” John gushes. “It’s that deep, awesome, heavy voice that he has and he doesn’t use it all the time, it just comes out when the song calls for it. Oh my god, there’s nothing like it. It’s my favorite vocal on that record.”

As for where John is most comfortable on stage, comparing Rob Zombie gigs to shows with the Creatures, the shredder says he’s “always comfortable with a guitar in my hands.” “I get the best of both worlds,” John says about playing intimate club gigs and giant festivals.

Check out our exclusive interview with John 5 above. The guitarist is currently touring his live record, playing it in full, so head over to his website for all upcoming tour dates and to grab a copy of It’s Alive!

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