We all love a good Frankenstein story, but this one may not go as completely expected. Johnny Wore Black has teamed up with Loudwire to exclusively premiere the animated new video for "Firefly."

In the clip, a pesky firefly finds its way into the dungeon of a scientist attempting to pull off a Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein type project, but not all goes as planned. The clip, animated by Daftoons and created by Norcon Films, is one of the more unique videos so far this year.

Johnny Wore Black says, “The song is about building hope on unsteady ground. How the people around you watch you fall and have opinions on what you should do, but often don’t actually verbalize it or care to help, so you only have yourself in the end to rely on. Paul, the animator, and I wanted to tell the story a different way, through the eyes of The Firefly, and the original vibe was based around the Frankenstein story and also building on the characters used in our video for 'Noise.' It’s a cartoon about people, about life and about love and loss – it’s basically a story about life after death… or is that life after love?”

Johnny Wore Black's new album, Walking Underwater, Part 2, includes contributions from Megadeth bassist David Ellefson. The disc was mixed by Grammy-award winning producer and rock vet David Bottrill and also features guest appearances by Croatian singer Sara Renar and renowned soul singer Loretta Haywood. You can pick up the album via iTunes.