The internet can be filled with opportunists, and Journey's Neal Schon is advising his fans to stay extra vigilant when it comes to an ongoing scam that's been perpetrated using his name and likeness.

The guitarist recently posted online, revealing that fans of his had been targeted in a scam by someone approaching them and asking them to write the perpetrator privately. One of the ways the scammer is attempting to gain the reader's trust is by displaying a California driver's license that Schon reveals to be fraudulent.

Schon writes in his posting, "Dear Friends, I’ve been very busy working and trying to heal from the pain from loss of Herbie Herbert and there is a low life imposter acting like they are me asking you to write me privately. Know that this is not me. Always check for blue dot [account verification]. I do not have any other account."

He continues, "Have some decency please. This is the license that’s being used to sway some. It is Not Real - it’s Fraudulent. So please if anyone try’s to approach you saying they're me turn them in. Report it and I’ll press charges. This is a serious offense. Thank You. Neal Schon"

The guitarist then went on to add, "Apparently this a hole is at it again. Asking for 350 money for VIP pass DO NOT FALL FOR THIS PIECE OF SHIT!"

Journey have been working on a double album with producer/band member Narada Michael Walden. The group did return to the concert stage at Lollapalooza earlier this year with a reconstructed lineup after the 2020 exits of Steve Smith and Ross Valory. The current lineup includes Schon and longtime member keyboardist Jonathan Cain, along with lead vocalist Arnel Pineda, returning bassist Randy Jackson, drummers Narada Michael Walden and Deen Castronovo and keyboardist/vocalist Jason Derlatka.

The band's touring will resume in December with a residency at The Theatre at Virgin Hotels in Las Vegas kicking off Dec. 1. Get official ticketing information via the band's website.

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