Yet another new Judas Priest track has been revealed! Just a few days ago, the British heavy metal legends shared a snippet of 'Dragonaut,' the opening track from Priest's 17th studio album, 'Redeemer of Souls,' but forget the preview, you can now hear the entire song!

Judas Priest sure know how to generate some buzz. Before 'Dragonaut,' the band had already released the tracks 'Redeemer of Souls' and 'March of the Damned,' along with previews of 'Crossfire' and 'Halls of Valhalla.' 'Dragonaut' is the latest full track to be unleashed by Judas Priest, and it tells the story of one of the band's newest deities.

"It's just a rip-roaring ride from start to finish and it's a great opening for the record," guitarist Richie Faulkner says. "It's very direct, it's unmistakable Judas Priest." Faulkner is dead right. From the track's beginning, 'Dragonaut' screams Priest. The song features some amazing guitar work throughout, but especially during the bridge of 'Dragonaut,' the double guitar attack of Judas Priest is fantastic.

"'Dragonaut' starts off with a clap of thunder," Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton adds. "Which you might say, 'Oh, no. Not another clap of thunder.' This isn't a clap of thunder, this is a f---ing CLAP OF THUNDER! And it just sets the album up so beautifully."

Listen to Judas Priest's 'Dragonaut' above! To pre-order 'Redeemer of Souls,' click here.

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