Judas Priest have been unveiling a steady stream of previews and full versions of songs from their upcoming album 'Redeemer of Souls,' which will be released July 8. In the clip above you can listen to a snippet of the song 'Crossfire' along with commentary from frontman Rob Halford.

Speaking of the metal god, he was recently interviewed by 'Loudwire Nights' host Full Metal Jackie and he went into further detail about the musical direction of 'Redeemer of Souls.'

"We’ve been using the ‘Nostradamus’ experience as a bit of a reference point," Halford says. "That was our first and only concept album, and we love that record and there’s still more to come with that. It’s a type of project if you wanna call it, that’s got a long life, and we have many many more ideas to bring to the table with ‘Nostradamus,’ but as a musical reference and because it’s been six years since ‘Nostradamus,’ it’s never six years. I think it’s six years, and three years since we played out live on the road. We were just raring to get back into full on classic Priest mode."

Halford continues, "Forty years later, we’re still making what we feel is some of the best metal of the genre from Priest. So, that was where the attention was to make a record that embodies everything that you love as a Priest fan, and everything that you love about classic metal. So, it was that and it was also the word relentless -- let’s keep it relentless, let’s not take any steps back. So, from the opening, thundering storm of ‘Dragonaut’ through all the way to the final rallying cry, ‘Battle Cry,’ and then the cool down song, as it’s getting to be called “Beginning of the End,” it’s just nonstop. It’s roaring, I think it really sends a strong, strong signal that Priest is back again."

As far as the other songs and snippets from 'Redeemer of Souls,' you can listen to 'March of the Damned' here. Check out the title track at this location. To preview a minute or so of 'Halls of Valhalla,' go here.

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