Judas Priest's Rob Halford has served as one of metal's most influential figures of all time. But who is the Metal God's biggest influence? The singer revealed that and more in a new interview with GQ ahead of the Sept. 29 release of his memoir, Confess.

Born in 1951, Rob Halford almost pre-dates rock 'n' roll's existence and he was there to see this exciting new development unfold. The real rock awakening, though, came with the ascension of The Beatles and it's one of the "Fab Four" in particular that the Priest frontman count's as his ultimate influence.

"John Lennon," responded Halford to GQ when pressed about that one all-powerful musical figure in his life. "I’ve always been a big Beatles fan and always will be," he continued, "and I just feel that what he was offering about striving for world peace was an incredibly moving and powerful thing to do. He was an ambassador for world peace. He wasn’t Gandhi – he had a different take on it – but, as far as what he was trying to achieve."

Beyond advocating for peace, Lennon left an impact on Halford in other ways. "And add to that the incredible music he wrote with Paul McCartney, for me, musically and personally, in the way he conducted himself and the way he had that incredible indestructible self belief, he is a big one," the Metal God beamed, adding, "He always had this great gift, this great oratory gift to engage people and explain his feelings. I’m sure he’d still be doing great music and making a difference today if he’d been able to."

Keeping with the theme of celebrity, Halford also divulged his ideal candidate to play him in a theoretical movie about his life. Well, sort of... the selection may require a time machine. "I’d like it to be a Brit," said Halford, narrowing down the list of potentials.

"If there was a young Gary Oldman that would be good," he admitted, "but then with CGI you can do anything now, can’t you? He was mind-blowing as Winston Churchill and he’s just a national treasure, isn’t he? He could do the job I’m sure! All this wishful thinking is fun."

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