For those of you who frequent the Pandora music service, you're in for a treat today (Dec. 10) at Judas Priest are taking over the Classic Metal station. The band will share stories and introduce some of their classic hits and in anticipation of the takeover, Pandora has shared with Loudwire an exclusive clip of Rob Halford sharing the origins of "Living After Midnight" before introducing the track.

"Living After Midnight" has become one of Judas Priest's biggest hits, first appearing on the 1980 album British Steel, which would be the band's first gold record in the U.S. The album has since been certified platinum.

According to Halford's intro, the song came about during an early morning hours confrontation between he and guitarist Glenn Tipton after the axeman found inspiration while Halford was trying to sleep. Both Tipton's chord progression and Halford's exasperated response to being woken up stood the test of time, but let's let Rob share the story in the audio clip below.

Judas Priest's Rob Halford Shares "Living After Midnight" Origins During Pandora Takeover

That's just one of the stories you'll get if you head over to Pandora's Classic Metal station today. The band's Takeover Mode will also find Halford sharing his love for Queen, discussing touring with AC/DC in the '70s and showcasing some of their favorite songs from their own catalog as well as favorites from other artists. Really, it's all in the hands of Judas Priest to curate what you're listening to with their commentary added in.

So, be sure to check out Judas Priest's Artist Takeover Mode happening at Pandora's Classic Metal station at this location.

Judas Priest, "Living After Midnight"

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