It has been over 40 years since Judas Priest released their debut album Rock Rolla in 1974 and the boys from Birmingham haven't stopped since. As one of metal's longest-running acts, Judas Priest have taken it to new heights and weathered through some storms that saw metal at its lowest points. In an exclusive interview, we asked Rob Halford about the longevity of metal and what keeps it alive through all of these years.

Metal has lost some of its heroes over the years either from tragedy or health issues with the latter becoming more and more prevalent despite how much we perceive our idols as immortal. It makes each show from legends like Judas Priest that much more special as we never know what might happen next. As The Metal God himself discusses in the video above, the fans are able to help musicians overcome physical challenges with overwhelming support and energy.

He goes on to explain the symbiotic nature between metalheads and metal musicians as they feed off of one another. This type of culture is what makes the metal community such a closely knit one, treating it more like a brotherhood than anything else. It creates a sense of family among fans where likeminded individuals can bond over the music that is held so dear in the community's collective hearts.

Watch Halford's take on it all in the video at the top and keep the metal healing going!

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