Last night (Sept. 15) during a concert in Brazil, Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford fell off his Harley after driving it onstage. The Metal God rode his motorcycle onto the stage as the band were about to play 'Hell Bent for Leather' during their first encore of the show. As he attempted to get his balance after stopping the Harley, Halford toppled over to his side as the weight of the bike got the best of him.

Halford, who recently turned 60, was uninjured from the stationary wreck, quickly getting back onto the bike with some help from his crew. This, however, isn't the first time Halford was unable to control his bike -- during his final concert with Judas Priest before his departure from the band in 1990, Halford fell from his Harley rendering him unconscious with broken nose. Halford was unable to perform the last song of the night after the 1990 spill, leaving him with what would have been an unfitting end to his days in Priest.

When asked about his creative fascination with biker culture during an interview with Liana Dawes of Hellbound, Halford commented, "The whole association with motorcycles and Judas Priest goes back to 'Hell Bent for Leather' — whenever that song was written... When we were touring in England, we thought that it would be cool if we could bring the bike on stage when we did the song, as it seemed like the right thing to do. So when we would go to a city we would ask one of our crew to see if there were any motorcycle guys or girls that had parked their bikes and could we use their bikes and give them a couple of T-shirts, or buy them a drink and that type of thing."

Judas Priest are currently headlining their farewell "Epitaph" tour, which is set to hit the U.S. beginning Oct. 12 in San Antonio, Texas. Click here for a full list of dates.

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