Former Judas Priest guitarist Kenneth “K.K.” Downing recently opened up about his earth-shaking decision to leave the metal titans. Speaking with Valley reporter Grace Bailey (via Blabbermouth), Downing explained that the decision didn’t come quickly, and it came down to an “unsettlement” with “working relationships.”

"It was a set of circumstances that led me to not go out [on the road with Judas Priest] this year,” he explained. “I was kind of geared up for it, but there was a multitude of reasons. It pretty much came down to an unsettlement on my part with working relationships.

"It's like anything else. If anybody out there is thinking it's hard to live with one woman, they should try to live with four guys and hold it together. [Laughs] It gets to be like that, but obviously, with certain things, I just wasn't completely happy with the way things were, with the way it was, [and I just felt like] it was probably best if I stepped down, and I did."

He added that it was an extremely tough decision. "It was a massive consideration," he said. "Obviously, the fans, who I love, and many of them have become very good friends. But I just hoped that they would appreciate that I couldn't continue with the way that I felt inside for reasons which I'll… I mean, certain reasons I will never, ever disclose.

"I have been extremely fortunate to have been able to do so many shows and tours and records, and come out of it healthy and well. But I haven't really spoken to anyone about the inner details [behind my departure from Judas Priest], really."