Whether you're the Mac Daddy or a Daddy Mac, we've got something fun for you check out today. Killset have stepped up to the plate to give a heavier spin to a '90s hip-hop classic and the band has teamed up with Loudwire to bring you the exclusive premiere of their video for "Jump."

The original was done by those "totally krossed out" teen rap sensations Kris Kross and two decades later Killset are making sure that a new generation of fans can "bump bump wiggle and shake your rump" with even more attitude.

Killset totally play up the '90s vibe in the Kerry Porter-directed clip, with references to O.J. Simpson's Bronco chase, '90s starter caps and team jerseys, baggy pants, beepers and more. It's an entertaining video taking you back while delivering the band's modern take.

"We wanted to cover a song that already had a cool vibe on its own and impart the Killset style into it. The parody video was a no brainer," state the band. "The idea of a bunch of metal guys dressing up like Kris Kross just sounded like way too much fun not to do. The video really embodies the 'anything goes attitude' of the band and the new album, S.T.F.U. Once the script was written and the clothes and props were purchased, there was no turning back ... haha! The song came out sick and it was by far the most fun any of us have ever had shooting a music video!"

The band's singer Luca adds, "When I suggested 'Jump' as a cover, I was really surprised the guys were down. We started jamming and messing around with it, and it became obvious that this was the cover we needed to do and that we also needed to go all out and shoot a parody music video! So I wrote the script and then we went to thrift stores and bought the biggest jeans they had, timberland boots, leather woven belts, boomboxes, jerseys, cross colors clothes and I had my mom send out my old pager and the rest is history."

Luca is joined in Killset by Jas Dillon on drums, Mark Baker on bass and Dave Comer on guitar and the band is ramping up to the July 7 release of their S.T.F.U. album. Eddie Wohl produced the disc, which recently spawned the single "Killers in the Pit." The disc is available to pre-order here.


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