Recently, King Woman dropped a new video for their track "Manna" (via Revolver) off their most recent album Created In The Image of Suffering.

The video, directed by New Orleans collective Humid Haus, creates a perfect visual for the band, showing a woman drifting aimlessly through swamp water. It fits in with the song's out there guitar work, the band riffing these huge sounding parts that just reverberate out into space. She eventually comes across another woman in the woods, as she sprawls out across the stranger's lap. From there, she seems to warp through the woods, coming in contact with some pretty unexplainable sights that are beyond odd. The song comes to a chugging end, with singer Kristina Esfandiari taking things out into the cosmos while layers of guitar buzz under her voice.

Of the song, Esfandiari said, "I've wanted to collaborate with Humid Haus for a very long time, and I was blown away when they unveiled the final version of 'Manna' to us. These visuals truly bring the song to life in a way that both expands and conforms to our original vision."

King Woman have been making their mark in the contemporary doom scene. In October, the band will be playing the explosive kickoff show to our 2017 Loudwire Music Awards, along with some killer performers like Beartooth, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes and more. King Woman are also up for nomination as the year's best breakout artist in our award show. Get your tickets for the Oct. 23 Loudwire Music Awards Kickoff Party here, while the Loudwire Music Awards take place the following night (Oct. 24) with tickets available here.

"Manna" is a solid follow-up to the video they released earlier this year, "Deny." That clip also had extremely interesting visuals, showing a preacher falling into his own trance, becoming who he really is under the surface before freaking out and reverting to the mask he puts on day to day.

Watch "Manna" above!

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