It's a huge year for KISS, who are about to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But that's just the beginning, as the band is currently contemplating how to celebrate their 40th anniversary in music.

Gene Simmons reveals to The Hollywood Reporter that the band has teamed with Tongal, a company that connects brands to fans for crowdsourcing ideas. In this case, Simmons says they're seeking to find out "how KISS should celebrate their 40th anniversary in the most epic way possible."

The KISS project is part of a new service called Left Field, which allows the creators to reach out to fans through a 140-character social media service in order to brainstorm ideas.

"We've always been about the fans," explains Simmons. "Tongal allows our fans to throw out ideas, and you know you're going to make something authentic." Simmons announced his campaign as part of the Tongies, Tongal's inaugural award show that took place at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles earlier this week.

Tongal will also pay the people who come up with ideas and the company expects to dish out $15 million to people involved in their community this year.

In other KISS news, the band has just launched the 'KISS Photo Bomb' app. The app allows you to apply KISS effects and makeup to your photos and to share the results via social networks with your friends. You can access the 'KISS Photo Bomb' app at this location.

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