Gene Simmons was the latest guest on Steve-O's Wild Ride! podcast, and during the conversation, he recalled the first time KISS put the makeup on in the early '70s.

KISS formed in 1973, and played their very first show at the Popcorn Club in Queens, N.Y. on Jan. 30 of that year. Though the makeup has been part of their look since the beginning, Simmons couldn't quite recall who first came up with the idea for them to wear it, but remembered how it started.

"Nobody who was ever in KISS can ever lay claim to saying, 'I've got a brilliant idea, everybody should put on makeup. Let's wear more makeup and higher heels than your mommy ever did.' Nobody did, it just happened," Simmons explained.

The rocker mentioned that the band rehearsed in a "rat-infested loft" around that time, and when they decided to go purchase face makeup, they also bought cheap mirrors so they could see themselves while they applied it.

Simmons pointed to a photo of the band that was taken on Sunset Boulevard in 1974, and said that their makeup in the picture was almost identical to the designs they came up with in their rehearsal loft the year prior.

See a photo from the same shoot below.

KISS in the '70s
Michael Ochs Archives // Getty Images

"I have to say that I can't recall paying attention to anything because we were all getting off on each other," Simmons responded when he was asked what the initial reception to the makeup was.

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Afterward, Steve-O, who was kicked out of The Gene Simmons Roast in 2008, was finally able to share the joke he was going to make at the event, but never had the chance to.

"I thought it was funny when KISS took off their makeup in the '80s. But man, it was hilarious when they had to put it back on," the Jackass star said.

"The best part of that joke is when you're too rich to give a fuck," Simmons replied.

Watch the full episode below — it's full of gems, or... jewels.

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